Great window graphic ideas

The use of window graphics is a cost-effective and efficient way to advertise your business. With the wide range of innovative designs, beautiful artworks, and quality content, window graphics are a huge plus for any business. They increase brand awareness and provide your office with a gorgeous and functional finishing touch.

Today, a lot of store owners are starting to invest in

window graphics

as a method to reach out to customers. Sometimes, all it takes to make passersby your very own customers is a large, attractive graphic strategically placed on a key location in the office. Aside from this, it can help you stay ahead of your competitors.

You can choose window vinyl decals, which are letters and shapes cut from coloured adhesive vinyl. Many stores are now using them for window messaging. 

You may also opt for the print and cut method, where designs are printed in one single piece and cut to shape afterward. With Print and Cut, a fuller colour range can be produced, so more tones, graduations, and intricate patterns can be printed. 

The straight print is the simplest production method. The design is printed in a piece of self-adhesive vinyl and is applied to the window as is. An entire window can be blocked out with this method.

Window graphics can be a very good investment for your business. Here are some ideas on how to use them effectively:


It is important to remember that compared to solid vinyl printing, graphics printed on window perf look a little washed out. This is because almost 50% of the film’s surface will be missing.

To obtain vibrant graphics, you need to increase the image contrast during the design stage to make up for the reduced image reflectivity. Another effective option is to choose a product that features more print surface, or you can run a second pass to add more ink.

For perforated vinyl films, stick to bright colors. On the other hand, stay away from dark colours for backgrounds or other large areas, since they increase “see-through” depending on the lighting. They also need more ink coverage, which could increase banding. Lastly, they absorb more light, which may increase heat build-up.


Fine detail, intricate designs, and small text are not recommended for films with a 50/50 perforation pattern since half of the film has been perforated. For graphic-intensive designs, films worth 70/30 or 65.35 perf patter will be the most effective. 


Lighting is vital in the visual impact of perforated window graphics. It should always be brighter on the side of the graphics than on the see-through or black side, especially at night time. Auxiliary floodlighting may be used to illuminate graphics in cases like store windows in shopping malls. 

Using window graphic ideas can benefit your business immensely. This is just a very simple but effective way to relay a message to your potential customers. Investing in window graphics will build your brand without breaking your budget, so why not try these great ideas today?