Melbourne Wall sticker ideas to spark up your room

Melbourne Wall stickers are a great idea if you want to add accents to your room without unnecessary clutter or bulk. You can use them in almost any room in your home and on most surfaces. They’re versatile and they come in different designs, shapes, and sizes. They’re also very easy to install and remove if you want to change them up from time to time.

An excellent alternative to wallpaper, Melbourne wall stickers are easier to customize and install. There are a lot of designs to choose from, so the possibilities are endless. You can select designs that look like they’re painted directly to your wall, or patterns that feature your favourite characters. You might want stickers that will go well with a certain area in your home.  If you’re overwhelmed with the number of sticker designs you can choose from, here are some ideas that will help you spark up your room.

Wall decals are a perfect decorating idea for children. They add personality and colour to the room, making it a space your children can call their own. The kids might even want to show the stickers to their friends. Many wall decal designs can be customized in different hues so you can make existing designs fit your colour scheme or complement your favourite furnishings. You’ll be able to find thousands of eye-catching, kid-friendly designs, such as animals, blocks, polka dots and more. You can also ask to have a child’s name printed so you can add a personal touch to a nursery.

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Other types of Melbourne Wall Stickers

There are also chalkboard-style stickers you might want to try in your study room. They’re one of the most practical wall stickers since they’re both functional and fun. You can write down important upcoming dates or write short messages to your loved ones. Once read, you can easily wipe all the writings away.

If you’re into simple designs, there are stickers that come in different shapes and sizes, like circles and triangles. You can choose a pack size suitable for your needs, then browse for colours that will look best with your colour palette. For example, you can purchase a lot of small stickers and cover an entire wall with them. You can place the stickers in clusters, or scatter them in your room, depending on the look you’re going for. You can also use a big wall sticker, maybe in the shape of a flower, and add them to an office space to make a statement without breaking the bank.

If you can’t choose anything from preexisting designs, you can personalize your own wall stickers. You might have a pattern in mind or an artwork you really love. All you need is a high-resolution image of the design you like. There are online applications where you can upload the image and see what it would look like mounted on a virtual wall. Once printed, you’ll receive the stickers right on your doorstep.

Wall stickers are functional, fun, and easy to install. By adding them to your room, you’ll be able to express your artistic side more and add personality to once dull walls.