Wallpaper, Poster and
Sticker Printing in Melbourne

Our speciality at yesMyDesign is printing Wallpaper in Melbourne, not to mention custom sticker printing. YesMyDesign is one of the most creative ways to add design, flair and personal touch to just about any internal or external space. Above all, with the creation of your own design or ours, you too can make any commercial or residential feature simply, effectively and on budget.
We Specialise in all things print including Custom Wallpaper, Posters & Custom Sticker printing in Melbourne
Whether you are looking to create funky custom Melbourne style wallpaper, window graphics, vehicle stickers, wall decals, posters or pull up banners, yesMyDesigner are the printing experts specialise in all things printing and design and can help you from conception to creation.
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Wallpaper Murals

Our wall coverings and wallpaper are printed with high-resolution digital graphics on quality materials and can be applied to almost any type of wall. There are several textures to choose from smooth finish, textured finish, self-adhesive wallpaper or the eco-friendly PVC free wallpapers. You won’t see better in Melbourne!

Window Stickers / Graphics

Our window graphics are printed with high-resolution digital graphics on quality materials and can be applied to any glass surface. Images, text, full-colour prints applied on the inside or outside of any glass surface. Either perforated (see-through) or solid stickers.
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Wall Decals

Our wall decals, also known as a wall sticker, wall tattoo, or wall vinyl, are a vinyl sticker that is affixed to a wall or other smooth surface. Generally, decals use only one colour however, based on the application, various colours can be added as well as full-colour prints.

Vehicle Stickers

Vehicle stickers and graphics never stop working for you! Everywhere you go your vehicle is advertising for you. Most likely the most cost-effective way to advertise your business day in and day out.  The completed stickers will be shipped to you for easy installation.
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HOW DOES yesMyDesign WORK?

yesMyDesign uses an application called HP WallArt however it is more than the name suggests, it is not just simply wall art as it is a lot more including window graphics, stickers, banner, vehicle graphics and much more, using your chosen graphics or ours for your interior and exterior project.
Step - 1

Imagine the possibilities

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Watch some of our videos for inspiration

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Step - 4

Choose Materials

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Step - 6

Install your creation

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YesMyDesign has produced all types of interior and exterior decorations for many a multitude of different clients over the years. Sometimes dealing with designers, graphics designers, salespeople when looking at a new project can be daunting. With YesMyDesign you can take your time in the comfort of your own home or office to get the style and design you are looking for. Wallpaper in Melbourne has never been so easy.

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Sticker printing in Melbourne

Stickers are fun, decorative and useful pieces that can be used for virtually anything. Our quick and easy sticker printing service will help you print stickers of any type in the most hassle-free way possible. To create your personalised sticker, simply use the yesMyDesign application to create or upload your design. Next, confirm the quantity to be printed out, and voila! You’ll have high-quality vinyl stickers ready for use!

WallPaper Printing in Melbourne

Personalise a boring plain wall by incorporating wall decals or wall stickers and wallpaper. At yesMyDesign, creating your personalised stickers are a lot easier and quicker. Simply upload your original design, or create one using the yesMyDesign application. Confirm your design, size, and quantity. Once the stickers are ready, they will be sent to you, ready with self-adhesive backings for hassle-free installation. Your wallpaper in Melbourne is just around the corner.