How to Guide

Create a Wallpaper Image for a Wallpaper Mural

1. Introduction

Transform any room with a personalized feature wall by creating your own custom wallpaper mural.
Simply upload your high-quality photo, artwork, or image that you own (ownership of) via yesMyDesign order online webpage.
Progress the order to include dimensions, payment and delivery details. Once complete, you will receive notification to confirm image quality and progress of your order.
yesMyDesign team will complete the quality checks prior to printing your wallpaper mural.
Before you start check out the Key Tips (on last page).

2. Image Types

  1. IFF, JPEG and PNG files.
  2. Image resolution of a minimum 300dpi.
  3. Image equivalent in pixels to the size of your wall, for example 3m will require at least 3000 pixels.
  4. Images taken with a modern digital camera.
  5. Smartphone images if the camera is set to the highest setting.

3. Wall Shape

  1. The shape of your wall is usually different to the shape of the image, therefore you will need to prepare the image prior to upload.
  2. Preparation may include cropping the image to fit your wall shape.
  3. If the wall is portrait orientation, ensure your image is also portrait.
  4. If the wall is landscape orientation, ensure your image is also landscape.

4. Image Modification

  1. On your PC, MAC or Tablet open the image using an application that can edit or crop images.
  2. Inspect the image on your device
  3. Crop the image where or if necessary and save the revised image.

5. Image Ready

  1. The Image is now ready for you to complete the order
  2. Our graphics team may need to make small alterations to the image to fit your wall.
  3. If this is necessary, we will send a proof via email before print.

Key Tips

  1. This guide is designed to assist in the preparation for PVC-free water-activated wallpaper mural installation.
  2. Wallpaper mural is delivered in panels of 700-1000mm whichever suits the overall width of your wall.
  3. With an ultra-smooth matte finish our PVC-free wallpaper murals requires no paste, just water to hang. Simply wet and stick. Easy to install with panels hung edge to edge.
  4. This guide refers only to personal images
  5. As an alternative, yesMyDesign has “Wallpaper Mural Ready” image selection available.
  6. Our selection of images is print-ready; however, they may require some cropping based on your dimensions.
  7. There are more guides to assist in preparation of your custom wallpaper mural. Check them out on our website:

How to prepare an image