Modern wallpaper ideas for Melbourne homes

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Wallpaper used to be long sheets of paper that have been painted, stenciled, or printed with different designs to cover walls. They used to be popular back in the day until they became known for being the stuff of our grandparents’ decor. However, wallpapers are ready to make a comeback, and they are taking the market by storm!

These wall coverings have experienced a revival due to the development of new printing technology and the influence of social media. They increasingly set a trend due to the convenience they offer and the endless design options the new printing technologies enable. After all, in today’s world, not many people have the time to paint designs on walls with step ladders like Leonardo da Vinci.

When you visit social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram, you’ll see tropical wallpaper in stylish interiors. In fact, according to the trends report from Pinterest, people have been searching for the keywords “bold print wallpaper” 401% more often than they have in the past few years.

If you’re looking for some modern wallpaper ideas for your Melbourne home, you might want to consider whimsical and dramatically oversized prints. Today’s popular wallpaper designs have richer colors, and the fabrics are more textured, sometimes even three-dimensional. The images usually have a sharpness that can only be achieved by the advances in digital printing.

You might want to check out custom-printed papers too. Some people make requests to scale and print wallpapers from images that have a sentimental value to them. These personal photos are then tiled and enlarged to mural size. You might think it is weird at first, but it is important to remember that wallpapers are a good conversation piece, so a personal touch would be a great addition.

When it comes to modern wallpaper application, restraint is a common thread. Designers usually suggest using it purposefully and as sparingly as possible. Bold, adventurous prints can stand alone and speak for themselves. Adding them to a single accent wall, or in one or two rooms is an effective, low-maintenance, and low-cost option for consumers.

If you’re having a tough time choosing the right

wallpaper in Melbourne

for your home, here are some guidelines that may help:

  1. Types

    You can choose between different materials and adhesive coatings. Pre-pasted papers have a water-activated adhesive backing, while nonwoven substrate papers dry-strips easily from walls.

  2. Print matching

    The match indicates how to line up the pattern, and there are three types: straight, drop, and random. Straight-match papers run the width of the paper, across the seam to the next strip. Drop-match papers must be aligned on either side since the patterns are a little offset. Random-match papers, on the other hand, continue seamlessly.

  3. Removal

    If you like changing the scenery every now and then, you should look for strippable and peelable wallpapers. Strippable wallpapers leave no backing, while the latter may leave some adhesive residue when you peel it off.Wallpapers will be the next big thing in interior decor, because of the myriad of designs to choose from, the convenience they offer, and the fact that you can change them when you’re in the mood for it. Why not enjoy these perks today?