Frequently Answered Questions

Minimum of 300 dpi.

To confirm an image’s DPI;

  • in Windows, right-click on the file name and select Properties > Details. You’ll see the DPI in the Image section, labelled Horizontal Resolution and Vertical Resolution,
  • on a Mac, you need to open the image in Preview and select Tools > Adjust Size.

There are literally billions of images and designs available to decorate your next project. Selecting the right image for you is critical in the success of your project. Here are a number of points for your to consider

  • Use an image from your own library, if so is the image resolution appropriate for the project.
  • Use an image from yesMyDesign  stock library
  • Select a photo or illustration
  • Confirm the project.  Is it for the living room, hallway, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, child’s room, office, media room, guest room, etc.
  • Should it match the existing interior or contrast.
  • Should it be in colour or a black & white image.
  • Vibrant, loud colours or soft pastel colours.
  • An image that is personal with memories.
  • A modern or vintage/historic motif.
  • An image of nature or people.

The surface should be clean, dry, structurally sound, and free of mildew, grease, or other stains, and free of irregularities to achieve the best hanging performance and complete removal when redecorating.

Ensure any residue of previously covered wallpaper is removed from the surface, any old adhesive should be removed by sanding or using adhesive remover. Primer should be applied to the wall surface that is clean, smooth, and free of the old adhesive.

This wallpaper is prepasted, requiring only water to activate the glue and is designed for easy  application. Apply on a dry surface. For best results, apply to a surface that has been painted with one coat of builder’s primer and one coat of latex paint (note: this is typical of new construction).  A surface that has been painted with a single coat of primer or a coat of satin or gloss paint is acceptable. The surface should be clean, smooth, and free of debris or contaminants.

Here is a video to show you how to apply the HP PVC-free Wallpaper.

HP PVC-free Wallpaper can be easily removed from the wall. Residual adhesive can be easily

wiped clean with water and a sponge.

This is not recommended.  The wallpaper should be removed and the surface prepared.