Wallpaper Sticker

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Transforming your home can be done in many different ways. But one of the safest, most cost-effective, and unique options there is would be to infuse art on your walls. It’s a great way to experiment and break away from what’s conventional. It’s one way to embrace the potential of creating a unique looking and cozy home.

There are many ways to transform your wall. You can invest in repainting your walls, purchase wallpapers, or get personalised wall stickers. Among all these, wallpaper stickers are the most customisable, and easiest to install. 

Wallpaper sticker ideas

With wallpaper stickers, there are no rules as to what design you can get for your home. You can pick colorful images or go monochromatic. Each is guaranteed to make any room unique and appealing. Here are great wallpaper sticker ideas to transform any room at home:

Cute Cartoon World Map

A cute and fun way to combine learning and home design for kids’ rooms! Print out the world map in one large piece to put up in your kid’s room. It’s a great way for them to start learning about places and adds a fun visual element to otherwise plain surfaces. 

Night Sky in the Nursery Sticker

Looking for a creative way to decorate the room for your little one? A night sky theme is a great way to add colors to your space. You can go with yellow stars on a blue background, or play a little by using white and pastel hues to create a unique yet creative design. You can print out as many stars as you’d like and make the night sky theme partial or the full theme of the room.  

A Happy Unicorn Sticker

Create magic and beauty in your space by getting a customised happy unicorn decal printed! A Happy unicorn sticker can transform a room without making it look too busy. You can print out a unicorn decal as it is or give it that personal touch by adding your child’s name to it.

It’s a fun way to transform a kid’s room without committing to a permanent wallpaper that they may eventually grow bored with overtime. Unicorn stickers are easy to put up and won’t cause too much damage to your walls. 

Tropical Wallpaper

If you’re looking to give your living room or bedroom a fresh look, a tropical wallpaper can make your space more vibrant and easy on the eyes. A tropical palm wallpaper, for example, creates a relaxed and calm look even without getting actual plants. 

Flourishing Blossom

Get a floral patterned look on your walls minus the potential wall damage caused by wall wallpaper. Floral decals of any color can turn a boring surface into a sophisticated one. Use colors that blend well with your curtains and cabinetry to tie the whole look together.

If you’re not ready to commit to using wallpaper that you’ll have to use for years, wall stickers are a great alternative. With the right design and mix of colors, you can personalise your walls and make it more fun and sophisticated. 

Wall stickers are easy to print and install. It makes achieving amazing walls so easy and only takes a day or two. Once your kids have outgrown the design or if you’ve simply grown tired of it, you can simply take it down and you’ll still have a well-painted wall surface afterward.