How to order your custom printed wallpaper

Ensure the surface is clean, smooth, and free of debris or contaminates.
Measure the wall twice to ensure accuracy. Measure the largest width and the largest height of your project, then add 5 cm to the width and the height. The extra 5 cm allows for ceilings and floors that are slightly off square. Wallpaper width is 700-1000mm whichever suits the overall size.
Wall Orientation
When choosing or uploading your image take note of the orientation of the wall you will be applying the graphic to. If the wall is landscape orientation, choose a picture that is also in landscape orientation. If the wall is portrait orientation, choose an image that is also in portrait orientation. Our graphics team will need to make small alterations to the image to fit your wall which will be sent to you via email before print.
Select an image from the yesMyDesign gallery or Upload your own image. You will need to prepare the image prior to upload. For example, ensure the image is the right size, crop it if necessary.
Ensure your image has the minimum resolution of 300dpi.
yesMyDesign will not be responsible for image content or quality of the uploaded image.
You are now ready to place your order.
Step 1.

Project Details:
Width / Height: Key in the width + 5 cm, then height + 5 cm
Wallpaper Material: Confirm the Eco-friendly HP PVC-free Wallpaper.
Image Selection: Select an image for the yesMyDesign Gallery or Upload your image.

Check the Total overall project size. This is displayed in square metres eg. 5.45

Step 2.

Billing Information:
Enter your details

Step 3.

Shopping Cart: Check your order to ensure all details are correct including size, image and price.
Shipping: Provide your delivery details.
Checkout: Proceed to payment. You can pay via PayPal or use your credit card (Visa / Mastercard).

Your project progress:
You will receive email updates focused on order receipt, image layout, print completion, and delivery timeframes.
yesMyDesign endeavours to complete each order and deliver within 10 business days. This is dependent on the overall project size and delivery location. Australian states other than NSW and Regional locations generally take longer for delivery.
Priority printing is available upon request. This is a 3-day print process plus delivery time. $110 (inc GST) additional fee.

Wallpaper Order form

Wall Paper

Cost per square meter $65.00